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National Ambulance Service
A joint Initiative of MoHFW, GoI and Govt. of Odisha
The Odisha Government decided to set up a comprehensive pre-hospital emergency medical service with introduction of a fleet of ambulances to cover the entire state in a phased manner. This initiative will facilitate an integrated and comprehensive health care management in the state providing high-end ambulance transport system from the doorstep of the patient to the appropriate care in a hospital. Under EMAS project, this modern free emergency ambulance service is being run on PPP mode in collaboration with an eminent Mumbai based company M/s. Ziqitza Health Care Ltd.
The aim of this service is to provide quality emergency care transport within the shortest possible time in an emergency, ensure delivery of quality emergency care across the chain of services with a proper emergency management system. The average response time of 20 minutes for urban, 25 minutes for semi-urban and 35 minutes for the rural areas has been kept as performance parameter for the service provider. However the response time can be made more flexible depending upon the geographical terrain especially in the KBK region where the average time may vary from 45 to 60 minutes. Mapping and defining of strategic positioning of the ambulances with route maps, motorable points, nearest catch points in case of inaccessible locations are the guiding factors in chalking out the operational parameters of the project.
Round the clock pre hospital emergency transport care services across the state with agreed response time will help in reducing maternal and child mortality as well as deaths and disabilities providing medical attention within golden hour. The uninterrupted functioning of the centralized call centre at Bhubaneswar and overall Emergency Response Service ensures that no call goes unattended.
Similarly in case of Mass Causality Incidence and natural calamities the services of the fleet of ambulances will be quite handy for the administration to deal with the situations. NHAI and Odisha State Disaster Management Authority (OSDMA) have agreed to provide their expertise to 108 Ambulance service when ever their services are required particularly in rainy season and inclement weather.
The ratio of ambulances of one per one lakh population has been kept as per the standard of WHO. The fleet will have both ‘Basic Life Support’ (BLS) and ‘Advanced Life Support’ (ALS) ambulances. The mix of ALS and BLS will be at the ratio of 20:80.There are 420 ambulances under the National Ambulance Service (NAS). The project has been implemented in two phases on the basis of implementation feasibility, equity and need. In the first phase 280 ambulances have been launched covering 15 districts with a focus on the trauma corridor in Odisha across National highways.


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